Some Helpful Answers


Setting Up an Account

I didn’t receive my activation email from Peasy?

Uh oh. Communication is a very important element in budding relationships. We recommend that you first check your SPAM folder. If you have checked your SPAM folder, have Peasy re-send you an activation email. Enter your email and password on the login screen and a notification will appear to have your activation email resent to you. If you enter your email and password but don’t receive an activation link, you might have used a different username/email or mis-typed your username/email address when setting up your account.

Update/Modify an Account

How do I update my personal information?

After logging into Peasy, click on Manage Profile and update your account information, including – First Name, Last Name, Email address.

Why do you want my phone number?

We understand that your time is valuable and will only text you regarding account issues, such as: your credit card has expired or there is an issue with your payment. To enroll for these notifications, enter your phone number under Manage Profile. This number will not be used for non-account related communications.

Deleting or Cancelling an Account

How do I delete my account?

Although we don’t want you to, you are able to delete your account by selecting “Edit Profile” from “Manage Profile”.

Pricing, Payments and Charges


Does Peasy have an annual subscription option?

Peasy does not offer an annual subscription option.

Why are there additional fees assessed when I toll?

Peasy requires you to pay the transaction charge we incur by using your designated payment method to pay your tolls. Keep in mind, as a Peasy subscriber, toll charges may be less than the posted cash rate.


Do Peasy subscribers pay the lowest price possible for tolls?

Toll rates vary by location and are affected by factors like time of day, whether there is a transponder present, and congestion. Peasy subscribers pay a base toll rate plus a small transaction fee per toll. The negotiated rate varies by toll region and therefore, in some cases, Peasy subscribers may pay less than the posted cash rate or slightly more, after accounting for transaction fees. Pricing Information

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I use multiple credit cards for different vehicles that I have already enrolled?

This is an enhancement we hope to have available in the near term; however, at this time you can only have one form of payment on your account.

How do I update my credit card information? 

Once you are logged in you can select “Manage Payments” and update your card information on file. Remember that this card will be the card on file for all enrollment and toll charges.


How do I cancel auto-renewal?

Log in to your Peasy account, navigate to 'Account Settings', and click to edit your Subscription Plan. From there, you can de-select the auto-renewal option. Please note, if you have multiple vehicles, this will apply to all vehicles. We do not currently offer the ability to end auto-renewal for an individual vehicle.

Will you notify me before my subscription renews?

No. Monthly subscriptions renew automatically each month. Subscribers with a legacy annual subscription received an email on 6/12/2019 letting them know we were updating the Peasy Terms of Use on 6/27/2019. These terms informed them that their plans would convert to monthly, rather than annual, at end of term, and would auto-renew unless otherwise cancelled. Subscribers on monthly plans do not receive emails prior to renewal each month. To avoid auto-renewal, you can cancel a subscription, or opt-out of auto-renewal from the Subscription Plan page within your Account Settings.

Where can I see my toll charges?

When you login to Peasy, click on “Activity” to review pending and paid tolls on your account. This tool allows you to filter – license plates, date ranges, tolling locations – and everything can be downloaded to a CSV file.

How long does it take to see my toll in Peasy after incurring a toll?

This depends on the Toll Authority and can range from 3 to 30 days (sometimes even longer). Please note that in the event of a natural disaster and/or toll authority changes, tolls can take longer to come in. We will try to keep everyone updated on such events.

I need to dispute a charge on my toll account.

There are a few instances where the Toll Authority didn't read your plate correctly or there was a glitch in the system. We have a team dedicated to research such events and track down the situation - from reviewing video footage to contacting Toll Authorities on your behalf. If you receive a suspicious toll charge on your account, click on the "Dispute Toll" button in the toll details. You will be required to fill out additional information regarding your claim to help our team resolve your issue. If you have further questions, contact Customer Service at 1-833-99-PEASY (1-833-997-3279).

Toll Authorities, Electronic Transponders and Tags

Toll Authority Accounts

Can I use Peasy if I’m enrolled with a Toll Authority (e.g., TX Tag, Sunpass)?

For the Toll Authorities where Peasy offers coverage, the answer is yes. However, every Toll Authority has their own set of rules and we want to ensure you understand how Peasy coverage works. Peasy enrolls your plate on their hub account that talks to the majority of Toll Authorities across the U.S. If your vehicle travels to another state and/or different Toll Authority outside of your enrolled Toll Authority jurisdiction, or if you have not registered your vehicle’s license plate to your Toll Authority, Peasy will become your back-up provider for that Toll Authority (in locations where Peasy offers toll coverage). Instead of receiving a violation or toll bill in the mail, Peasy will auto-pay the toll on your behalf and charge your account.

What should I be aware of when I toll if I am a Peasy subscriber and have a toll account with: Texas NTTA?

Each toll authority has unique rules on how they establish and manage account. Here are some scenarios to consider:

1. Transponder read failures or insufficient toll authority account funds associated with an updated or new license plate – Peasy will handle toll payments; helping you avoiding any fines, penalties. Because a new or updated license plate is not registered directly with the toll authority, they do not have a license plate to associate with your toll authority account. When selling a vehicle in Texas, you will want to inform the toll authority of the sale as plates generally transfer to the new owner. Any tolls the new owner incurs may become your responsibility if the plate is still registered with your toll authority account.
2. Transponder read failures or insufficient toll authority account funds prior to cancelling your toll authority account – Any tolls incurred prior to the cancellation date with your toll authority will remain your responsibility. In the event of transponder read failures or insufficient funds prior to the cancellation, you may be sent a violation from the toll authority. After the cancellation date, Peasy will handle toll payments as long as your coverage with Peasy has been confirmed.

What should I be aware of if I want to subscribe to Peasy and have a toll account with: Colorado E470 or Washington WsDOT?

Each toll authority has unique rules on how they establish and manage account. Here are some scenarios to consider:

Peasy is unable to provide coverage within the toll authority region if your license plate is currently registered with these specific toll authorities. At this time, the toll authority systems do not allow Peasy to act as back-up coverage on a vehicle with a currently enrolled plate in their system. However, you may enroll with Peasy for tolling coverage outside of these toll regions.

When enrolling your vehicle with Peasy, you will notice that the coverage status for these regions will be listed as "Issue", indicating that you do not have Peasy coverage. To clear the “Issue” status, you would need to unenroll your license plate from the toll authority. You may keep your Colorado E470 or Washington WsDot account and transponder, but you would need to remove your license plate associated with that account. In this scenario you will not need to notify Peasy that you unenrolled your license plate with the toll authority. Please allow us 72 hours to see your status change from “Issue” to “Enrolled.” Please be aware that you may experience a gap in toll coverage between the time you remove your license plate and the time Peasy finishes enrollment with the toll authority.

I have a Florida Sunpass account. What happens if I toll using Peasy?

If you have an account with Florida Sunpass prior to enrolling with Peasy, Peasy will trump your account unless you have an active Sunpass transponder/tag installed in your vehicle. When you sign-up for Sunpass, enter your license plate number into their system and the Toll Authority will send you a tag (you can also purchase Sunpass tags at specified locations and later register your vehicle information). When your vehicle is traveling on Florida toll roads, your transponder/tag will talk to the toll gantry and money will be deducted from your Sunpass account. In the event that you are enrolled on both Sunpass and Peasy and your transponder/tag fails communication with the gantry, Peasy will become your back-up provider and your personal account will not be backed-up (this is where we trump your account). In the event you cancel your account with Sunpass, you will be covered by Peasy.

Transponders & Tags

I have a transponder, can I be enrolled in Peasy and still use my transponder?

Absolutely! If you have a transponder/tag in your vehicle, use Peasy as your back-up provider in your Toll Authority territory (Please refer to Toll Authority Accounts for more information). If you travel to an area where your transponder or tag is not interoperable, Peasy becomes your primary provider. For example, if you live in Texas and drive to Florida for a vacation, you will be covered for any tolls incurred outside of Texas. You can travel through Georgia’s PeachPass and Florida’s Sunpass regions without worrying about receiving violations in the mail or having to setup an account with each Toll Authority you encounter.

I have a transponder installed and it isn’t working because I’m seeing charges from Peasy. What should I do?

If you have a transponder in your vehicle and there are sufficient funds on your account, there are a couple situations that could be occurring. Check to see if your transponder is mounted properly by referring to the instructions provider by the Toll Authority. If your transponder is properly mounted, check the model of your vehicle. Some vehicle models have specialized windshield glass (for example, all Tesla models) where the transponder cannot talk directly to the Toll Authorities gantry; the RFID signal becomes too weak to trigger a successful call. If your vehicle model is not the issue, then contact the Toll Authority directly and have them send a new transponder to your work or home. In the meantime, we will continue to be back-up for your account until your situation resolves.

What if I decide to get a transponder while enrolled on Peasy? Will Peasy still provide back-up coverage?

The answer is yes, though it depends on the Toll Authority. Please see Toll Authority Accounts for detailed information regarding TX NTTA, Washington WsDot and Colorado E470.

Do I need to keep pre-funding the transponder that I currently have?

This is a personal choice. Every person has a unique experience dealing with Toll Authorities. We understand the reasons to keep an account active and why you might want to close your account with the Toll Authority. Please keep in mind that transponder toll rates may be lower than Peasy negotiated toll rates.

Can I still use Peasy if I already have an active sticker tag?

Peasy can still help in regions where you are not enrolled with the toll authority. However, in the region where you have an active sticker tag, Peasy will only work as a backup, in case of a read failure or an account with insufficient funds. In this situation, you would receive your toll bill from the toll authority, instead of Peasy paying for it with your payment method on file.

I have a sticker tag installed on my windshield and it must not be working because I’m seeing charges from Peasy. What should I do?

Good news, Peasy is doing it's job and may have protected you from fines or penalties. If you prefer to have your sticker tag account pay your tolls, contact the toll authority to resolve any account issues.

Can I get a sticker tag while enrolled with Peasy and will Peasy still provide back-up coverage?

You can still get a sticker tag at any time, but Peasy will no longer work with that particular toll authority.

Do I need to keep pre-funding my current sticker tag account?

No, Peasy can take over as your payment method.


Passwords & Security

How do I reset my password?

You’re in luck! There are two ways to reset your password. If you are logged out, click on “Forgot Password” and enter your username/email address. An email will arrive in your inbox allowing you to click on the link and reset. If you are logged in, click on “Update Password” under the Manage Password screen. You will need to know your current password to update your password.


I was logged in and a security box popped up requesting I enter my password, why?

When making updates, adding or unenrolling vehicles from your account, we want to verify you are you. After site/app inactivity over a period of time, a security box will appear requesting you to enter your password. Your information is our top concern and we go to great lengths to protect it!

Enrolling, Changing & Unenrolling Vehicles

Enrolling a Vehicle

How does Peasy work?

Peasy handles the enrollment process with all the toll authorities in our network on your behalf. When you drive on Peasy-covered toll roads, we ensure the toll payment is completed and then charge your credit card on file so tolls never land on your to-do list.

I recently purchased a car with a temporary license plate (temp plate). Can I enroll my vehicle on Peasy?

Absolutely. You can always come back to the site and “Update” your license plate under Manage Vehicles once you obtain a newly issued license plate.

Can I enroll a license plate from Canada or Mexico?

We are able to enroll Canadian plates in limited toll authorities at this time, but are not able to enroll plates from Mexico. We are continuing to develop capabilities to expand coverage to all North American plates in the future.

Can I enroll a company vehicle?

This is up to your current company policy. Please contact your company’s Fleet Manager to determine if you already have tolling coverage.

Can I enroll a rental car?

At this time, you may enroll personal vehicles. Many rental car companies provide a tolling solution for renters.

I tried to enroll my license plate and an error occurred saying the plate was already enrolled?

Please contact customer service so we can help get the vehicle enrolled under your account.

Vehicle Changes

I sold my vehicle but want to enroll another vehicle.

Congratulations on the sale! We’ll make the enrollment process as smooth as possible. You can “Update” your current vehicle with the new license plate information (if you aren’t keeping the same license plate) under Manage Vehicle. Please note: during this process, we unenroll your old license plate and enroll your new license plate, which can result in your new vehicle not having full coverage for 24 to 72 hours. In addition, you are still liable for all tolls incurred on your previous vehicle prior to unenrollment. You will be notified via email when your old vehicle has been unenrolled from all Toll Authorities and when your New Vehicle has received confirmation of enrollment.

When I sold my vehicle, the license plate transferred to the new owner. What should I do?

It’s time to let go. To ensure that you don’t incur any charges from the new owner, login immediately and start the “Unenroll” process under Manage Vehicle. You will be notified via email when your old vehicle has been unenrolled from all Toll Authorities.

I purchased a new vehicle but kept my old license plate. Do I need to make changes to my account?

No. If you keep your existing license plate, your new vehicle will be covered without any gap in coverage.

I’m moving out of state. When do I update my vehicle information?

Moving can be stressful but Peasy makes it easy. After you visit the DMV and obtain an updated license plate on your vehicle, log in and click “Update” under Manage Vehicle. Enter your new license plate information and coverage will begin within 24 to 72 hours. During this time, we will unenroll your old license plate. You will be notified via email when your old vehicle has been unenrolled from all Toll Authorities and when your New Vehicle has received confirmation of enrollment.

My plate was damaged, lost or stolen. What should I do?

If your plate is not legible, contact the DMV. Many DMV’s will issue a temporary plate while a new plate is being issued. Once you receive the new temporary plate information, come back to the site and “Update” your license plate information. There are no limits on the number of times you “Update” your license plate during the year. If your plate was stolen, please contact the DMV and appropriate authorities. To ensure that your license plate does not incur any charges, “Unenroll” your vehicle from the site. We will waive the enrollment fee once you obtain your new or temporary license plate when you contact Customer Service and provide a Police Report/Notice.

Unenroll a Vehicle

How do I unenroll a vehicle?

Once you are logged in, select “Manage Vehicles" and select "Unenroll".

What happens when you unenroll a vehicle from Peasy?

When you click on “Unenroll” from the Manage Vehicle screen, we will notify all Toll Authorities that coverage is ceasing from our account. You will be notified via email when your old vehicle has been unenrolled from all Toll Authorities. Any tolls incurred from before the unenrollment date will still be charged to your credit card on file. Please note, although not common, some tolls may not be received by Peasy for weeks or months.

I want to Re-enroll a vehicle that was Unenrolled.

Welcome back! Log in and select “Re-Enroll.” Your vehicle status – if your vehicle is Pending Unenrollment or Unenrolled – will determine the length of time you will be up and running again with Peasy coverage. If your vehicle is Pending Unenrollment, please allow 24 to 36 hours to finish your unenrollment and another 24 to 36 hours to enroll. You will be notified via email when your vehicle has been unenrolled from all Toll Authorities and again when your vehicle has received confirmation of enrollment from all Toll Authorities. There can be a gap in coverage during this time. Refer to your Vehicle Coverage Map for more information. If your vehicle is Unenrolled, please allow 24 to 36 hours to finish your enrollment. You will receive a notification via email once your vehicle has received confirmation of enrollment.

Toll Coverage and Setup

Toll Coverage

Why am I not covered in all states immediately?

Your license plate must be enrolled in the entire Peasy network of toll authorities. The process varies by authority and can take a few days to ensure your vehicle is covered. We try not to make a habit of it, but occassionally, Peasy encounters issues enrolling your vehicle with specific toll authorities. In these cases, we display 'Issue Enrolling' in the appropriate state's Coverage description. Please contact support if you are experiencing this issue.

Is there anywhere Peasy doesn't work?

A small percentage of toll roads still use entry gates with swing arms and gates. Peasy is not compatible with these toll roads. As toll locations modernize, we will work to add those to the Peasy network.

Will Peasy work on gated toll roads or bridges?

No. If the toll road has a physical gate, you will need to pay the toll at a toll booth or electronic credit card machine. Please see under each state specific coverage “Exclusions” and details.

Where can I find information about my vehicle coverage?

Every vehicle you enroll has its very own coverage map. When you log in to Peasy you can access your coverage map for each vehicle.

Are there any entire states where Peasy will not work?

There are a few states with at least one toll road that currently are not part of the Peasy network. View the Peasy coverage map for up-to-date details.

Does Peasy cover me on Canadian, Mexican or Puerto Rican toll roads?

No. At this time, coverage is only available in the continental U.S. But as Peasy continues to grow, coverage might increase across borders and oceans.

Do I need to do anything if I decide to drive in a different tolling region?

No, as long as the toll road is covered by Peasy you do not need to take any action.

If I pay cash for a toll will I also receive a toll charge from Peasy?

This should not occur. However, if you do receive a toll charge on a toll you paid cash for, please “Dispute Toll” within the Peasy site or app. The Peasy team will research your issue. Just think, you have a team working on your behalf to deal with the Toll Authority … did you just get a warm and fuzzy feeling reading this?

I went through a toll and received a red light when using a cashless lane. I thought I was covered?

Worry not! The red light indicates that the toll gantry did not read your transponder. However, this doesn’t mean you aren’t covered. First, look at your Peasy Vehicle Coverage to ensure that you have coverage in the region you were driving. If yes, we should receive the toll in 3 to 30 business days (based on Toll Authority).

Will Peasy work on Express lanes or HOT Lanes (carpool lanes) in California?

Single-occupant vehicles using a designated HOT lane are required to carry a FasTrak transponder. If you are pulled over on an Express Lane without a FasTrak transponder, you may receive a ticket from law enforcement. Most Express Lanes allow carpools to use the lane for free. Local signs will specify this and indicate if carpools must carry a FasTrak transponder.


How long will it take for my vehicle to be activated across all Toll Authorities?

Once you have enrolled your vehicle license plate with Peasy, it can take up to three days to receive confirmation from all Toll Authorities that your plate has been enrolled. Be sure to check your enrollment coverage on the website or in the app. If there is an issue, we will continue trying to resolve the issue or notify you that action will need to be taken on your part. Once you have been enrolled with all Toll Authorities, you will receive an email from Peasy. Please note, on rare but extreme events (e.g., hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, Toll Authority outages) the Toll Authority may take longer than usual to respond. Please be patient during these times, as agencies are working as quickly as possible to return back to normal operating procedure.

Do I need to have my phone and app on when I go through tolls?

Nope. Stay focused on the road.